If you choose to use a PostgreSQL-driven script app on any of your websites, you'll need adequate database storage space for it, to guarantee that even if your site grows, it'll run properly and without any disorders. Including additional items to an electronic store or additional comments to a message board are just two samples of what can increase the size of your databases. Should you use up all your space at some point, the overall performance may decrease or the site might not be accessible at all as a result of the fact that if the storage restriction is reached, the script will not be able to keep additional content in the database - user-generated or system one. Due to the fact that PostgreSQL is used for scalable web apps, it's very likely that if you use such a database for your site, you will need additional space for it as your website grows.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Website Hosting

We offer a number of website hosting in order to provide you with a choice to choose the functions that you actually need and never pay extra for functions that you'll never use. For that reason, the PostgreSQL storage is an optional upgrade that you are able to add through your Hepsia Control Panel to some of the plans; with others you will have a pre-defined allowance, while with the high-end plans you receive unlimited database storage space. Since you can easily switch between the plans or upgrade particular features, you can start with a lower-end one and then upgrade if you would like to host PostgreSQL-driven websites. Needless to say, in case you wish to launch such a site from the start, you will be able to select the most suitable plan that includes PostgreSQL support as standard.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated hosting are suitable to host any PostgreSQL-driven script application. One of the variations between the plans is in the amount of databases and the storage space for them which you receive, so as to offer you an option to select the characteristics that you actually need. For a smaller website, for instance, you will not need that many resources, whereas for a popular portal, a community forum with many users or an online shop with lots of products you could benefit from our top-end package that contains unrestricted PostgreSQL database storage space. Since all of the accounts are created on a cloud web hosting platform, all of the databases operate on a separate cluster and they won't share the resources with the rest of the files. In this way, we achieve two things - much better performance of script websites and nearly inexhaustible database storage.