The larger your web site becomes, the more complex mailbox managing becomes. And this is when you are able take advantage of our all–embracing Email Accounts Manager. It has all of the features you’ll need for you to be in command of your mail accounts, and it’s provided with a simple interface. With simply a couple of clicks of your computer mouse it’s possible to set up email forwarding, generate an e–mail auto–reply, set up anti–spam security, etc. Just scroll down to check out everything that our Email Accounts Manager will offer you!

Anti–Spam Protection

Fight spam with a mouse–click

Through the Email Accounts Manager of the Control Panel, you can take control of junk e–mail messages. The bundled anti–spam tool filters inbound e–mails and you’re able to alter its level of control with merely a click of the mouse. Also you can define a special degree of spam defense for every email account.

There are 2 simple ways that our system handles messages referred as spam. You can pick whether a spam email will be deleted, or forwarded to a certain mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of emails

By making use of the Email forwarding tool, you’ll be able to redirect the e–mails addressed at a mailbox to an alternative mailbox of your choosing (either hosted in the same cloud hosting account or some place else on the world wide web).

To forward an email, just choose it from the drop–down menu after which specify the email address you’d like to have all forwarded messages to be sent to. And then, you’re provided with the opportunity to pick if you want a duplicate of every message to be held in the mailbox that you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Put your email address in order

With the Email Accounts Manager of your Control Panel, it is effortless to create new e–mail filters. All you should perform is state the keywords that will be used to filter messages and exactly where the filter should look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then select the measures that will be applied to the filtered e–mails.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys as well as SPF protection for your personal email address

We’ve applied actions to help defend your e–mail accounts from spam activities. Using the SPF protection solution you’ll be able to specify the servers that are certified to transmit mail regarding your website. This way, email messages appearing like they are out of your domain name that did not originate from your allowed set of machines will be right away chucked to the spam folder.

We’ve also provided you with DomainKeys for all your e–mail accounts inside your website hosting account. DomainKeys is an email authorization system that determines the reliability of the e–mail message by verifying the mail server of the e–mail sender in addition to the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Solution

Quick PC email setup

Through the auto–configure option of the Email Accounts Manager, it is possible to set up email accounts in your favorite PC mail client with merely a a click of the mouse. Simply click on the icon of the e–mail client that you like to make use of for a chosen email address and get hold of the auto–configuration file. This will immediately configure your inbox in your favored desktop client.

We have designed settings files for just about the most famous mail clients – Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and Mac Mail.

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Seen on any system, anywhere

In the event you don’t have the option to access an email client, you can quickly go through your e–mail by way of VistaPanel USA based data center in Chicago’s webmail client – Roundcube. There is just a single website address you should type, and you can now look at it using any kind of web–connected system anywhere in the world!

You could also instantly sign in from your Control Panel, while not having to submit any sort of e–mail login data.

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